The Season Is Upon Us!

Can you believe the English football season is almost upon us again?

We really should be use to the fact that it is an all year round sport which has conflicting calenders from all corners of the globe to adapt to climates, but the English season is one of the most gruelling. 

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2 Responses to “The Season Is Upon Us!”

  1. Dodsy Says:


    I do hope you smogies enjoy a season or more with Blackpool, the mags etc. While the mighty Sunderland who have learned a lesson or two over the last few seasons. Firmly establish ourselves in the top half of the best league in the world.
    For you. Sunday mornings watching the championship while we are on Match of the Day Saturday night.
    Your blog on Bobby Robson was very fitting.
    I took the kids up to see Sunderland beat Celtic on Saturday, and the Sunderland Fans sang with gusto Theres Only One Bobby Robson at different times during the game. Most touching. Divided by 11 miles, United in respect for a footballing Gentleman.

  2. gafferssportsblog Says:

    Cheers for the comment Paul,

    It will be a strange season but true Boro fans should be use to it, Sunderland flying the flag eh? Been a while. Enjoy it whilst you can.

    Bobby has made his way into all our hearts. Thats the legacy of the man.



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