And The Award Goes To…..David Moyes

As awards, trophies, promotions, relegation and recognition are been given out left, right and centre at the business end of the domestic and European football season, surely two awards have already been decided?

Hopefully the LMA (League Managers’ Association) can see where recognition and reward are deserved and award both The Barclay’s Premier League Manager of the Year and the LMA Manager of the Year to, yes you’ve guessed, David Moyes the Everton Manager.

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4 Responses to “And The Award Goes To…..David Moyes”

  1. Shawn Moore Says:

    More to the Dallas story

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Good Link Shawn,

      Its a tragic shame to hear what has happened. I hope the fund reaches a level close to what a player from the NFL would probably receive in terms of pay.

      These things shouldn’t happen in multi-billion dollar sport!



  2. shaun Says:

    Nice article, Moyes is certainly one of the top managers in the game and has turned Everton into a very good side.

    On the Hatton front, he was just totally outclassed by a much better boxer.

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