The IPL has gone AWOL

It appears the gamble to take the IPL (Indian Premier League) out of its own country has resulted in the tournament not delivering as the inaugural tournament had done on so many levels.

I am a very passionate Cricket fan but this unfortunate happening (poor security guarantees in India due to elections at same time as proposed tournament dates required the tournament to be moved to another country) has resulted in the tournament falling flat on its face.

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2 Responses to “The IPL has gone AWOL”

  1. Shawn Moore Says:

    I think there is scope for an 39th English Premier League abroad. You only have to see the success the NFL have made of their International Series of games at Wembley during the last two years and the upcoming game in October of this year is also another complete sell out. A series of individual English Premier League games around the world would create a huge demand for tickets. The difference with the IPL though is that it’s a complete tournament that’s unsustainable in a foreign climate.

    The 39th game will happen – at some point!

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      Thanks Shawn,

      I agree with the points you’ve made and as it appears that the NFL success can be a model for others to follow. The demand was always going to be their considering the number of London Monaches fans still in this country and to sell those tickets in a country of over 65million people should be fairly easy.

      Your points on the IPL are very true its more than the climate, tournaments have tradition and there is always something special when its played as it should be, just like the F.A. Cup has in England.

      The 39th game will happen but I only hope its a one off for say two teams initially as per the NFL.

      Cheers and keep reading


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