PFA Team of the Season 2009

The prestigious PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association) awards ceremony was held on Sunday evening and the awards for me held no surprises. It’s a crying shame considering what has been an excellent season in the Premier League.

The choice of player included Fernando Torres (21 Premier League games and counting) and no fewer than 6 Manchester United players and surprisingly no Frank Lampard.

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2 Responses to “PFA Team of the Season 2009”

  1. Mo Bamba Says:

    I find the team of the year bit strange, a team without the best league scorer who is not even a striker sounds to me like not an anti-Manchester but surely an anti-Ronaldo. I am not a Ronaldo fan but if I don’t include him in my world best 11, I will be an anti-football.

    • gafferssportsblog Says:

      I apprecaite your comments Mo, This is my take on the team of the year, I’m not anti-Manchester or anti-Ronaldo I just believe many other players deserve more praise THIS SEASON than him. Also his attitude on sunday was wrong as many young children look up to him.

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